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DJ/producer Diego Sanchez (aka DMS12) was born in New York City and lives between Miami and Los Angeles. This summer, Robbie Rivera’s internationally acclaimed and respected house music label, JUICY MUSIC ,releases the debut full-length artist album called GET DIRTY from DMS12. It’s a collection of nine hand-picked tunes composed over the course of fourteen months by DMS12. The Latin-tinged, wailing saxophone and foreboding strings of GET DIRTY showcase DMS12’s production skills to the hilt. The VMM speaks to DMS12 to find out more about what went into making his new artist album, available in June 2010.

DMS12 “ GET DIRTY” Album Interview
Q: DMS12 we hear that the GET DIRTY album took around fourteen months to compose and mix. Can you tell the VMM what it was like making this album with your busy schedule over this time period?
DMS12: Yes, this album took around 14 months to make. This project to me was clear from the start. I wanted to make a true artist album. I remember when I would go buy albums and just enjoy them from start to end and all the tracks had a flow. It was such an amazing feeling, not just a bunch of tracks that made no sense. I took my time and made all the tracks flow, and the process let me be extremely artistic. Some of the songs on this album were recorded in major studios with SSL boards, and some were done on my laptop in hotels. It’s great that we as musicians can work pretty much anywhere and anytime with programs like Pro Tools.

Q: The VMM would like to know what influences from your music and life would you say have shaped your DMS12 sound over the last five years of creating music that would have been an influence to your GET DIRTY artist album?
DMS12: I would say my biggest influences over the last five years have been: Robbie Rivera, Sven Väth, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Oscar G., Danny Tengalia, Roger Sanchez and Erick Morillo. Each has inspired me in his own way. These guys are the best for a reason, and by watching them play out and studying their music, I can see where all of their influences have come from.

Q: The VMM would like to know why you decided to call the album GET DIRTY?
DMS12: The album name is more than just an album name for me; it’s about a movement and a feeling. The album title came up last summer in Ibiza. I was hanging out with some friends back at my villa in Ibiza and at about 7:00am, I dropped parts of my album on the decks. This girl on the dancefloor said, “Wow, your tracks make me get so dirty, and the name just stuck! [laughs]

Q: DMS12 how do you begin to compose a track? Do you have a set formula or does a bass riff or sample kick things off? How do you create your hits and what advice can you give to the budding producers out there?
DMS12: I pretty much don’t have a set formula. Sometimes, I lay down a simple beat and sometimes I have a bassline or a synth line in mind. I try to let the music happen. Many times, I have tracks that I play to start off in one direction before growing and develop into something different. My best advice is to make music that you feel. Keep it original and develop your own sound, and everything else will fall into place.

Q: Our VMM favorite track from the album is “El Vigilante (DMS12 Mix)” because of the Latin flavor and the orchestral strings. Do you have any favorites on this album?
DDMS12: Wow, thanks. “El Vigilante” was my first single off of the album. It was released on Juicy Music last summer and the track got great exposure. Robbie Rivera made a massive remix that just shot up the charts. David Guetta also charted “El Vigilante” as the #4 tune on his F*** Me I’m Famous Chart in Pacha Magazine! My next favorite track is “Saxin’ It Up,” but I love them all and it’s hard to just pick one.

Q: The VMM would like to know if you will be releasing any singles from the album and who will be doing the remix duties?
DMS12: The second single is, “This is Acid,” with remixes by Robbie Rivera, Willie Morales, Edgar V., Merhbod & Darren Correa. The remix by Edgar V. has already been played by Paul van Dyk on his VONYC radio show. The third single is, “Send Me An Angel,” with remixes by Robbie Rivera, Oscar G. , Willie Morales and Christian Falero.

Q: Where can readers find you?
DMS12: You can find me on my site,, or follow me on twitter/iamDMS12. You can also download the album from Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, and pretty much every retail site.
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